Guide to the buyer of CB.D oil products

On the Internet, it is difficult to find valuable sources of information about CB products. D, as well as their production companies. When browsing the producer’s websites, discussion forums, groups on social networks can be met with a lot of conflicting information, some of which – which should not surprise anyone – is an ordered advertising material. This is where we enter, ś

What type of product is best for preventive use and treatment of internal diseases?

One of the most popular hemp products that can completely legally complement our diet or a wide range of medical therapies are CB oils. D, most often applied from dispenser (pipettes) directly under the tongue. Of course, the market has produced many different varieties of cannabis-based products such as cannabis. candy, licks, chewing gum or drinks, however, research undeniably confirms that, despite the bitter taste, the best way to assimilate cannabinoids available in hemp products is the most popular – a few drops (depending on the requirements and concentrations) placed under the tongue for about 60 – 90 seconds and all the goodness of this type of products will be found in our body.

What should be the characteristics of CB hemp oil. D considered to be a premium product?

  • Content of the full spectrum of cannabinoids:
    • Cb. D – the basic cannabinoid and the ingredient of essential oil – the more the better, but you can assume the principle that the optimal maximum is 20% – higher cb content. D, or any other cannabinoid in the essential oil due to its taste qualities, as well as dosage difficulties is not recommended, CB itself. D action we will not describe, however, we will focus on the other ingredients that should be available in good quality premium oil,
    • CBG (min. 1% in 20%) oil excellent prophylactic and therapeutic effect for, enterocolitis (ChLC, JJG), strong anticancer, antibacterial effects (including mrsa gold staphylococcus), bladder disorders; in our opinion, every 1% CBG in 10 ml of essential oil is worth at least 50 zł,
    • CBC (min. 1% in 20%) oil unlike TH. C has no intoxicating properties, the reason for this is the poor connection to cb1 cannabinoid receptors in the brain, but CBC characterize all advantages attributed to TH. C, such as antidepressant effect, improves mood, fight pain, increases the vitality of brain cells, antiedema and anti-inflammatory effects, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, fights acne;
    • CB.DA (min. 0.5% in full spectrum oils, min. trace quantities in ordinary basic oils) is a cannabinoid consisting of 87% CB. D and 13% COOH, even the minimum presence is so important that it suggests product organicity; and in addition, its spectrum of action is antidepressants and anxiolytics, against nausea and vomiting, inhibiting the migration of breast cancer cells, also acts antiepileptic.

What product to choose?

Every time we analyse the composition of the essential oil ourselves, we may also ask the seller for a laboratory examination certificate of the product, unfortunately not every manufacturer makes such a document available before purchasing (e.g. CannabiGold) which can cause us to buy a cat in a bag. We can also suggest in our search for various types of comparisons, e.g. in the case of a variety of comparisons. our rankings. In our current ranking of hemp oils, we compared 7 separate products based on laboratory tests, check the results and “shocking” sometimes differences.

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