CBD for athletes and active people

Whether you're a sport, you're a cyclist, a runner, or just like a good workout. It is known that every effort puts a lot of pressure on your body with positive and negative effects. The stress and tension that accompanies often stimulate and improve the results, but over time they badly affect our body.

Repeated efforts and heavy training can easily lead to injuries such as muscle overload (gym, crossfit, bodybuilding), oversing or tendon itis (running, cycling, contact sports) that cause significant pain . Since most of the current options for treating pain and other ailments are not balanced for everyone and often causes other medical conditions among other gastric more and more athletes using CBD by introducing it to a daily diet as a supplement.

How it happens

Professor of Biomedical Sciences Nicholas Di Patrizio said that the endocannabinoid system is a system that "is a unique signal pathway that controls the functioning of different systems throughout the body, including the cardiovascular system", that is, it is internal regolator of many physiological processes occurring in our body. CBD is therefore a factor that strengthens this system.

How CBD helps athletes

Cbd is known to suppress inflammation throughout the body, which means it can help overworked muscles recover faster.

CBD is known to reduce pain, so it is a natural alternative to drugs such as aspirin or ibuprofen-analgesics that can also cause stomach damage or cause other problems such as constipation when taken in large quantities and for a long time. CBD, on the other hand, is gentle for the stomach.

It is known that CBD can have a positive effect on prolonging sleep time, as well as increasing sleep delay, helps to rest after a hard effort.

Everyone knows that good sleep is essential for good training performance and sports rest and very important for brain health and memory creation. Our body is repaired during sleep and also regenerates muscle fibers and other tissues. Insomnia after exertion and lack of sleep can interfere with tissue regeneration and optimal athletic performance of the body. As we know, traditional prescription insomnia drugs often cause unwanted side effects, e.g. decreased concentration, which is why CBD is an alternative to active people who want to remain fit in spirit and body.

It is known that CBD can help cope with competition pressures, helps alleviate anxiety and stress and leaves no feeling tired or exhausted after using it. Often recommended drugs have a spacing effect, cause drowsiness and relaxation it can have a very big impact on athletic performance.

It is known that CBD plays a role in stimulating mood.

The phenomenon of euphoria is known most often to runners. Endocannabinoids activate receptors in the brain that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) acts in marijuana. CBD "works through separate – though not definitively identified – signalling systems than THC," says Dr Nicholas Di Patrizio. CBD is nonpsychoactive, which means it does not produce haju.

A summary of the

Cannabinnoids have a potential impact on the health of athletes and people who lead a healthy lifestyle. They affect performance during both training and competitions and help in recovery after training and overall well-being. Many athletes and active people have introduced cbd to their diet due to extensive therapeutic use and health benefits.

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