CBG in animal products

Speaking to animal owners or less frequently, veterinarians have met with the opinion that the remedy for many animal diseases, including domestic ones, is the use of CBD oil. And so – the introduction into the diet of quadriceps CBD oil brings measurable positive effects in terms of prevention, as well as improving health, but… they will forget about another important cannabinoid, the majority of which is deprived of animals – CBG.

The fact is that decades of scientific research on the effects of CBD on humans, but also animals that, like humans have endocannaboid receptors, confirm a wide spectrum of positive actions without side effects, but let's not forget that CBD is only one of more than hundreds of relationships.

CBD oils used for animal supplementation support prevention, or treatment in the field of: depression, epilepsy attacks, killing cancer cells, reducing pain, appetite stimulation, etc. the list of advantages is extremely long for such natural and safe compounds as cannabinoids (byoading psychoactive THC, which in animal products should be limited to about 1% relative to cbd values – eg. 5% OF CBD should not be more than 0.05% THC).

What is CBG?

CBG a THC in hemp

CBG is a cannabigerol (cannabigerol) found in hemp at a very low concentration – depending on the type of plant up to 25 times lower than psychoactive THC or CBD, and thus its isolation is an extremely cost-effective process – unevenly more expensive costs compared to cbd.

CBG is a cannabinoid commonly referred to as "mother" or "matrix cell" of cannabinoids, from which any other cannabinoids are formed, which without the presence of CBG would not exist. The importance of CBG is extremely important because it supports not only cbd itself, but as a driving force for any other cannabinoids and at the same time limiting the psychoactive effect of THC.

How does CBG work?

  • anxiety and depression: it helps to prevent anxiety and cure depression as an CB1 antagonist also blocks the effects of THC, which is extremely important when administered confluous oils to animals,
  • glaucoma: helps to reduce intraocular pressure,
  • severe enteritis: studies confirmed cbg's fight against enterocolitis in mice and pets, the results were so effective that in this regard it was also decided to study in humans, which also confirmed exceptionally effective treatment by CBG of inflammatory bowel conditions,
  • protection of brain cells: studies confirm the retention and treatment of the disease causing the breakdown of nerve cells in the brain (Huntington's disease),
  • Cancer: CBG (cannabigerol) found in confluous oils at a concentration of up to about 1:20 as compared to CBD causes a significant increase in anti-cancer protection and constitutes an effective blockade in inhibiting the formation of new cancer cells,
  • antibacterial: CBG is an extremely effective antibacterial agent, allowing in many cases to discontinuation or significantly reduce antibiotics e.g. in the case of golden staphylococcus,
  • stimulates appetite,
  • Bladder disorder: CBG in studies on mice, cats, as well as humans showed a decrease in bladder contractions, translating into regulating its behavior and reducing the degree of disorders.

Is the presence of CBG important in hemp oil given to your animal?

In our opinion, we would definitely do so, to the extent that, given the purchase of CBD hemp oil, whether for ourselves or our pet at the outset we would reject oils that do not contain CBG or containing its negligible quantities. Based on the research we have been able to familiarize ourselves with this and previous articles, we believe that the amount of CBG in animal oil should be between 1/5 – 1/7 of CBD – for example, for 5% CBD oil, the amount of CBG recommended by us should be in the amount of 0.8 – 1%.

For humans, we consider cbg:CBD ratios to be a minimum (e.g. CBG:CBD). 20% OF CBD and 1% CBG), a reasonable amount is in our opinion 1-1.5:10 (eg. CBD 20% and 2-3% CBG), and an exceptionally good combination would be the ratio of 3:10 – i.e. CBD oil 10% with a content of 3% CBG.

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