AIDS is a syndrome of acquired immunodeficiency. This disease destroys our immune system (immune) , the virus multiplies and destroys the human body and thus becomes not immune to all kinds of viruses and bacteria and in the final phase the human body ceases to defend itself and most often leads to death.

If you do not get a diagnostic test you can even for 10-12 years do not know that you have succumbed to infection. People who do not know that they live with HIV can get sick of AIDS. They can also infect others.

clinical trials

The above study showed that the people surveyed stated that they were taking THC. It has been found that despite many legal barriers, many people infected with HIV use marijuana as part of treatment and the results are positive downright surpris
ing.clinical trials


Smoking HIV-infected marijuana completed a 32-day phase of hospitalization. Each dose of dronabinol (5 and 10 mg) and marijuana (2.0% and 3.9% Delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol THC) was administered 4 times a day for 4 days, but only one drug was active or the other participants received placebo.

Compared with placebo, the dose of marijuana and dronabinol in a dependent way increased daily calorie intake and body weight, in HIV-infected marijuana smokers.

The effect was very good but except that only THC at a concentration of 3.9% improved sleep score.

clinical trials

62 participants participated in the study. The first group is CBD 20 patients, the second group of droneabinol 22 people (dronabinol is thc isomer, that is, it has the same atomic composition, but differ from each other with the spatial system of atoms) and the third placebo group of 20 people.

The result was that cannaboids had no effect on HIV, but suggesting that CBD had no negative tide on users in combination with other drugs.

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