History of CBD

"Holy Land" for cannabis. Israel has become a leader in the hemp industry.

Tests of cannabinoids that have been conducted in Israel for many years were quickly noticed in the medical world and became a reliable source of information in cases established in CBD cases.

Consumption and demand for CBD oils are still evolving, and there is more and more research confirming its health benefits for humans and animals.

The history of CBD research in Israel dates back to the 1960s, and was initiated by Rapheal Mechoulam born november 5, 1930 into a wealthy Sefardian family in Sofia (Bulgaria) after which he emigrated with his family to Israel at the age of 19, where he studied chemical engineering.

Professor Rapheal Mechoulam was the first to isolated cbd from THC and is called the "godfather" of cannabis.

The discovery of the THC molecule in 1964 and separating it from the cannabinoid compound, and thus CBD, this discovery sparked a breakthrough in research and testing.

Asked to explain why he decided to focus on cannabis he explained; "For thousands of years, the only drugs available were plant drugs. From the beginning of humanity, marijuana is used for medicinal and spiritual purposes, ranging from the cramps of Queen Elizabeth to religious ceremonies in Latin America and India," professor Mechoulam said.

He proved that all living creatures on earth have the same endocannabinoid system, meaning it is logical that it must have and it has an impact on the human body.

Now the 89-year-old scientist's research is urgently studied by scientists around the world and they confirm the wealth and benefits of consuming CBD for each creature.

The National Institute of Drug Abuse in the US has been helping to fund research for more than 46 years, but America continues to limit funding for cannabis research.

Professor Mechoulam decided on his own to seek funding through his knowledge and experience.

Raphael Mechoulam delivers a speech to participants at the CannaTech conference, an international summit on accelerating cannabis innovation, in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv on March 7, 2016. Mechoulam as chairman of cannatech conference

In 2017, the School of Pharmacy at hebrew university was at the forefront of cbd research on cancer, pain, immune system, neurons and a whole range of other diseases and ailments. Today it is the largest and most advanced country of marijuana research.

Another person who contributed to the development and promotion of CBD is Professor Tzahi Cohen-Karni. In 2005, he founded tikun Olam with his mother, whose name in Hebrew means "Repair the World". The company was the first supplier of marijuana to the Israeli market.

Tikun Olam recommended its products more than 40,000 patients with various diseases and published the results of research in medical journals with a lot of data and information collected from patients.

Professor Tzahi Cohen-Karni focused on marijuana farming under the license of Zenabis overseen by the Ministry of Health and the Police of Israel.

In 2010, the Ministry of Health regulated the issue of medical marijuana in Israel and allowed Tikum Olam to come together. In this way, it became a limited liability company as a result, the market was freed and joined another five Israeli companies into the industry.

The company has its branches worldwide, the largest related companies are located in Kanda and the United States, and from what we know Canadian investments are also visible in Poland.

At the moment, the CBD medical market in Israel is fully integrated with hospitals, clinics, clinics that have full access to university research with which you can determine how the patient is treated.

Cancer in Israel or many other diseases decreased. In 2015-2017, 2,970 patients with cancer were performed mainly in Stage 4. After six months of follow-up, 902 patients (24.9%) died and 682 (18.8%) treatment has ceased. Of the remaining 1211 (60.6%) answered; 95.9% were observed for remission , 45 patients (3.7%) reported no changes and four patients (0.3%) health.

clinical trials

When I write this article, I think; Why, with access to such indisputable clinical trials, do European countries continue to restrict access to cbd? Why did countries like Portugal, or Spain, be the first to prohibit the sale of CBD oils in stores and block shipping sales?

It is clear from the above information that CBD and other cannabinoids may be "Holy Grail" for many people, but i am not sure the reasons for blocking sales on the European market are unknown to me.

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